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maxims and arrows

obliteration of the rules of grammar
11 July 1976
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A moody youth librarian and generally cranky citizen. Sometime student. Armchair revolutionary.
30 days of night, acrid, ak press, ala, albert camus, amy goodman, anarchist librarians, angel, anime, assuck, asthma atttaq, batman, bruce banner, buffy the vampire slayer, cap n jazz, cerberus shoal, charles bronson, children's librarian, chisel, chokehold, clash, clockwork orange, comics, constantine sankathi, current, dark days, david lynch, democracy now, demon system 13, depeche mode, devilman, dirty south apocalypse, ebullition, emo, emperor, eric drooker, fair, former members of alfonsin, frail, funeral diner, go nagai, gorilla biscuits, groundwork, hardcore, hellboy, his hero is gone, history, honeywell, howard zinn, impetus inter, independent media, indian summer, indie films, ink & dagger, interpol, jawbreaker, jihad, joy division, judge, kit!, kurt vonnegut, ladytron, left-wing politics, les georges leningrad, librarian, libraries, lifetime, lightyourselfonfire, los crudos, luis bunuel, marx, mazinger z, michael moore, michael parenti, milemarker, mk ultra, monster x, morser, mouthpiece, napoleon dynamite, neko case, new order, noam chomsky, optic nerve, palatka, pinhead gunpowder, pixies, portraits of past, progressive librarians, punk, radical art, radical librarians, reversal of man, robotnicka, rosa luxemburg, sarasota, scrog, slug & lettuce, smiths, socialism, sonic youth, spirit of versailles, still life, straightedge, strokes, submission hold, systral, the cure, the jam, the new pornographers, the setup, thomas jefferson, twin peaks, unbroken, union of uranus, vegetarianism, woodcuts, woody allen, x ray spex, yeah yeah yeahs, youth librarian